Getting ready for back to school 2020

26 August 2020


Can you believe we’re getting ready for ‘back to school’? To be honest we’re not quite sure who is going back at school and who isn’t… but we do know that the sun is out and we’re starting to enjoy getting out there. 

But we don’t need to tell you that schools face an enormous challenge as they prepare to reintegrate children over the coming weeks and months. In fact, we wrote about it a few weeks ago and collected together some of the news and comment on the subject, in one place. We’d love to hear from you about the steps you’re taking, as well as any suggestions for things to consider.

So, what do you need to think about if you’re planning ‘back to school’ time:

Social distancing and playground markings still on the to-do list? Don’t forget… if you’re still we’ve put together some simple to install thermoplastic playground markings suitable for schools reopening. You can find out more here

Have you remembered to book your annual inspection? Usually, a typical Playforce outdoor space is used by hundreds of children every day. That’s why we recommend that an independent RPII-certified inspection is carried out on an annual basis. You can find out more here

Are you thinking about improving or changing your outdoor space? We recently wrote about how to consider the difference between different outdoor grounds companies and the best ways to pick (and work with) your final choice. You can find out more here

Worrying about how to fund your playground changes? We’ve worked with enough School Business Managers across the UK to know that the number one worry is how to fund - and get best value from - a playground development project. We put all our ideas down here as a guide for funding your project. You can find out more here

Do you measure the impact of your outdoor space? We think a new term (or a return to school) is a great time to start measuring the impact outdoor space has on learning and well being. Playforce is one of the only companies to measure the impact of playground equipment. You can find out more here.

We’re also aware that a lot of teachers spend their summer break thinking about how to implement innovative and interesting learning opportunities for children, including ways to take them outdoors. Our blog features a wide range of articles with tips on how to do this, across the different topics. We’ve collected our top five together here… but don’t be afraid to share your ideas if you have some suggestions too!

English and History - Our favourite products for improving imaginative play
Maths & Science - Taking Science and Maths learning outdoors
Physical Education and Maths & Science - Active STEM learning to increase activity levels and enhance understanding 
Art & Design and Design & Technology - Get arty in the great outdoors 
Health & Wellbeing - Natural play for health and well being 

Don’t forget… our autumn installation schedule is almost full up and we’re already taking bookings up to November... so please do contact us as soon as possible if this is something you're thinking about. 

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