Our Favourite Products For Improving Imaginative Play

21 February 2020

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking a lot about imaginative play and its impact on development. We wanted to share some of our favourite products to support and encourage imaginative play.

Outdoor Shelter

It might not seem like an obvious one but we want to start with a really simple way to take imaginative play outdoors. Our Hexagonal Shelter is a fantastic, versatile space that you can use for quiet or group reading, role play, performance or discussions and idea sharing. Just because children are sitting on the benches or taking shelter under the pitched roof, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a host of ways this shelter can be used (both inside and out) for imaginative play and skill development.

Triple Woodland Tower

Wow! Just, wow! Who wouldn’t love being able to play on this Triple Woodland Tower? It creates a whole new world for exploration and role play! Including 1x Ships Wheel, 3x Apex Roof, 1x 1.2m Sloping Rope Climb, 1x 0.9m Net Climb, 1x 1.5m Net Climb, 1x 0.9m Ladder, 1x 1.2m Vertical Rock Climb, 1x 1.5m Log Ladder , 1x 1.5m Fireman's Pole, 1x Sloped Wobble walkway Bridge, 1x Under Tower Den, 1x Level Monkey Walk Bridge and 1x 1.5m Slide, this set of wooden towers is the perfect place to imagine and act out 101 different stories and scenarios, as well as providing quieter areas for storytelling and discussions.

Triple Link Pirate Boat

With quiet areas, shelter and lots and lots of active spaces, our Triple Link Pirate Boat is a super way to imagine stories about pirates, sailors and sea monsters! In fact, it’s perfect for combining active play and quiet spaces for lunch and break-out. This double tower configuration provides endless combinations of features, including 2x Pirate Flag, 1x Ships Wheel, 1x Pent Roof, 2x 1.5m Net Climb, 2x 1.5m Vertical Rock Climb, 2x 1.2m Ladder, 1x Level Concave Bridge, 1x 1.5m Slide and 2x Under Tower Dens.

Single Woodland Tower

Don’t worry if you haven’t the outdoor space (or budget) for one of our larger tower schemes. There are still lots of options for those with smaller outdoor spaces (or, indeed, smaller children). Our Single Woodland Tower provides a combination of features. Features include 0.6m height platform, Apex roof, Stairs, Sloping Rope Climb, Fireman's Pole and Slide.

Octagonal Play Hut

If you like our Outdoor Shelter but want something a little bit more versatile, why not consider our Octagonal Play Hut. We love the options it offers for music and activity, including chalkboards, whiteboards, sliding counters and more. The best part is you get the best of an outdoor shelter or classroom, coupled with an activity space! Just perfect for imaginative play and learning.

If you’d like to find out more about schemes to develop imaginative play, you can talk to one of our specialists today. Contact us here.

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