Outdoor Science

In 2016, British Astronaut Tim Peake inspired schools and children across the country to experiment with science as millions of people tracked his space mission. Taking science into the playground has become an increasingly popular part of the school day and at Playforce we've been collecting all of our favourite ideas for moving science lessons outdoors.

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  1. Fun Facts about Space - as we all prepare for British astronaut, Tim Peake, to return to Earth very soon, here are some fun facts to inspire space-related discussions with your pupils.
  2. Super Awesome Science videos – here are a few links we thought you might find useful when planning science activities with your pupils.
  3. Fundraising Ideas – back in October during World Space week, we came up with some activity ideas and fundraising activity suggestions using this theme.


Featured Product: Flow Wall

 Flow Wall Outdoor Science

Our flow wall, designed uniquely by our expert in-house design team, is by far one of our most popular pieces of equipment for encouraging experimentation, discovery and lots of fun in the playground.

It consists of a 2.5m mesh panel and variety of components including hooks, chutes, reservoirs, water wheels and bendy tubes to take water runs to the next level! Children can move the elements around to direct the water to the bottom, ever changing everyday! It’s a favourite with teachers who want to encourage problem solving, teamwork and teach children about gravity.

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Big Science Events

Teach science outdoors

The outdoors is a great place to learn about science, as experiments can be big, messy and even noisy! This is why, Playforce supports a number of Big Science Events with Primary Schools by providing prizes for the winning schools of over £1,000 of playground equipment each to support science learning outdoors.

This year we were delighted to not only support the two events for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire schools alongside Science Oxford, but for the first time a new Big Science competition for Norfolk schools. You can read about how the Norfolk competition went on our blog here.





Our latest blog post marks the return to earth of British astronaut Tim Peake. After 6 amazing months aboard the International Space Station, we estimate at least 1 million school children have been involved in Tim's Principa Mission covering 30 different projects from growing seeds that have spent time in space to studying geographic photos from space and even film making!  Tim himself has been involved in some 250 experiments of different types and still had time to run a virtual London Marathon.

Even though the mission has drawn to an end the experiments and activities are still continuing. We've got a whole load of Playground Activities, Space Videos and Resources here to keep you busy for a while yet!