Put the ‘fun’ into fundraising and raise the money you need to create your dream playground.


Not only does fundraising contribute towards your play project budget, it’s also a brilliant way to get staff, parents, pupils and the community excited about your new play project and to have some fun.


Save the date


Our Playforce events and days page is packed with ideas and prompts for fundraising activities. Here you’ll find details of grants and funding streams currently available and inspiration for events that could be run by your PTA or pupils.


Fundraising is as easy as A, B, C!


A is for… Auctions. B is for… Bingo! Over the past 18 years we’ve worked with school staff, PTAs and governors on some amazing fundraising projects. We’ve seen some fantastic and creative ways to raise money for a new playground, so we decided to put them all together into a handy A-Z Guide that you can download.

Free Playground Design
Raising money for a playground project takes a lot of commitment and we know you’ll need everyone to stay focused on your goal. A free playground design could help to encourage parents and friends of your school or nursery to contribute – it’s a great motivator to see what your new play space could look like!

If you’d like to speak to our team about a free consultation and design simply call 01225 792660 or contact us here.