Our Values

To us, the way we behave and approach our work is important.  The values that sit at the heart of this challenge us to deliver the very best service, to every unique client, in the most reasonable way.


But the proof lies in our action, not our words.  Across the idverde group, we have an opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in the world – and at Playforce along with our sister idverde Group companies, that means having a positive impact on the lives of every child and teacher involved.  In practice, that means working hard, every single day, to demonstrate that we are:


  • Honourable - The way we behave and act is important.  Respect, shared responsibility, integrity and courtesy make sure that everyone we come into contact with has a positive experience.


  • Open - We strive to ensure that we are approachable. We care about achieving the best possible outcomes for your children, and believe that the best way to do this is by working collaboratively as your partner for everything outdoors.


  • Resilient – There’s no denying we’ll work hard for you.  And we understand that that means not only delivering on our promises but keeping an eye on budgets and value for money.


  • Transformational – We use our experience and expertise to make sure every piece of work we do – whether delivering a non-installation product from Playforce Shop, or installing your children’s dream playground – has a real, measurable impact on the lives of the people that use it.


  • Enterprising – We’re passionate about play and education… and that means never standing still!  We work hard to be curious and to make sure that innovation and ambition drive our designs.