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In 2015 we commissioned a research project, asking 100 headteachers and 500 children aged 5-11 about their thoughts on physical activity in their school, the legacy of the 2012 Games, and the role of primary schools in ensuring children become physically literate. The results are quite interesting!

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Early Years impact evidence and news on getting active
Did you know that last summer over 660,000 children were jumping, running, dancing, throwing, catching, stretching all because they and their parents know how important – and fun! – it is to be physically active.


Our Favourite Active Play Case Studies
Winter doesn’t mean outdoor play has to stop! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. As experts in outdoor play, we at Playforce champion the benefits of active outdoor play for schoolchildren and we thought we’d celebrate our favourite active play case studies with you...


Holistic Outdoor Play Supported by MPs
All Party Parliamentary Group published the paper as part of the Fit and Healthy Childhood initiative. It calls for Ofsted to include play as part of its grading for schools and nurseries, as well as encouraging children to embrace nature and take part in supervised risky play. 


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