Top tips for getting ready for a playground consultation

09 March 2020


How do you know which playground company to go with?


It can be really hard to know which playground company to trust… and the temptation to decide based on cost is all too great. So, how should you decide who to book a consultation with?

1. Understand the process - A good supplier should be able to explain the process clearly so you know exactly what will happen and how long you should expect every step to take. See our own step by step process here.

2. Don’t stop at the playground - A great supplier should be focused not only on delivering amazing play equipment but also adding value all along the way. This might include teaching resources, linked services such as maintenance and inspection packages and even supporting with opening ceremonies and promotion to the wider community.

3. Back it up with evidence - Don’t just take their word for it… see as many examples and case studies as you can, as well as proof of warranties, maintenance and added value.

4. Yet more evidence - At Playforce we take professional accreditation and safety standards very seriously. We want you to be able to see that we’re part of a rigorously tested and approved group of organisations, designed to give you peace of mind and to demonstrate our market-leading credentials. Our Association of Play Industries membership, for example, requires us to abide by a strict professional Code of Conduct, ensuring we’re reputable, trustworthy, experienced and that we operate to the highest standards. It also requires us to be rigorously and continuously monitored for financial stability, credit rating and trading history, as well as to provide third party test certificates for all products used, demonstrating compliance with BSEN 1176 and all relevant safety standards. And that’s on top of the requirement to design fun and interesting play spaces with elements of built-in risk, to be able to show examples and case studies and to add value, beyond the equipment installation. And that’s just one association that we’re a member of… We’re also members of BESA, CHAS, Constructionline, Exor Gold and hold RPII certification, amongst others!

5. Get to know the people - Ultimately the final decision has to be based on whether you feel you want to work with the people. A great playground company should have experts not only in playground equipment and installation but also the curriculum and how to take it outside. And they should be properly set up and supported by customer care, project management and design professionals. Ask to see who will be in your team, as a whole, so you’re making a decision based on all the facts.


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to book that consultation so we can all work together on your new playground ideas!




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