Reintegrating children into school

01 June 2020

We don’t need to tell you that schools face an enormous challenge as they prepare to reintegrate children over the coming weeks. 

While each school will be working out the best ways to respond and support children, teachers and parents, we thought it might be helpful to collect together some of the news and comment on the subject, in one place. We’d love to hear from you about the steps you’re taking, as well as any suggestions for things to consider.


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Although not specifically about reintegration Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families has published a series of resources to help support staff and to provide them with information about how to work with children and young people, including those with SEN, and materials to share with parents and carers. There are particularly good resources that link through to their Mentally Healthy Schools scheme for Primary Schools.

As one would expect TES has been at the forefront of commentary on teaching and learning during the lockdown period. It has shared a number of articles about reintroduction including this one about the need to plan for a return to school, and this one about what we’re likely to all experience

ELSA has published a fantastic story for children going back to school after Coronavirus. It is a story for all children to help them feel positive about returning to school. It is also a great way to explain to children how things are going to work in your school.

Winston’s Wish has pulled together some insightful and practical advice for preparing children for a return to school, after Coronavirus. 

UNICEF has pulled together a whole host of resources for return to school. In particular, we liked their guidance on the key rights to focus on as you plan for reopening and providing advice on engaging with children and young people to gather their views on returning to school, as well as their weekly resource pack, focusing on a single right each week.

Place2Be has developed a range of activities to boost pupils’ wellbeing. The ideas can be helpful for all pupils, but particularly if they are finding changes unsettling. Some of these activities may need to be adapted in line with current government guidance around non-essential contact. 

As pupils return to school, we will need to be prepared for challenging behaviour, safeguarding disclosures and signs of mental health and wellbeing problems. Anthony David, in Headteacher Update, looks at the pastoral priorities that must be at the top of the list for primary schools.

The New Statesman has written an interesting analysis of the lockdown home learning programme as well as what we can expect to come next. Importantly it considers the changes we might want to make for the future. 

Family Support has also produced a dedicated programme of activity to equip and help professionals working with children who have and are experiencing trauma during this difficult time.

Young Minds reminds us that not everyone is going back to school yet. They have produced a tips leaflet for parents for supporting a child during the coronavirus pandemic, if they are feeling anxious about coronavirus.

Finally, for a more academic study, the British Psychological Society has written an interesting report: Back to school: using psychological perspectives to support re-engagement and recovery. 


We’re supporting a number of schools as they prepare for reopening, as well as helping them to manage development programmes outdoors. If you’d like to discuss this or anything relating to outdoor learning and play, please contact us


Don’t forget… we’ve put together some simple to install playground markings for school-friendly social distancing. You can find out more here

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