Play Inspections

At Playforce, safety is at the top of our checklist when creating an outstanding outdoor space. By choosing us as your playground supplier, you can be assured that every piece of equipment and all aspects of installation are of the highest quality. A typical Playforce outdoor space is used by hundreds of children every single day, that’s why we always recommend that an independent RPII-certified inspection is carried out on an annual basis. 
To make it even easier for our customers, we’ve created Playforce Care Inspections Packages. Available in a variety of options for different spaces and budgets, our packages give you peace of mind that you are adhering to the best and most up to date health and safety advice. It means you can relax, knowing you are maintaining your play space and caring for the children using it. 

If you’re not sure where to start, we can advise you on the perfect solution for your setting. From here, independent, RPII-certified inspections will not only provide maintenance reports for your equipment and surfacing, but will also help you to remedy any problems and conduct thorough one-to-one training sessions with a member of your staff.
All of the packages below can be arranged through your Customer Account Manager by calling 01225 792660, or contact us here.
Post Installation Inspection 
A Post Installation package is for new equipment and includes full certification of the post-installation inspection and 1x post-installation inspection with full report, delivered by an independent RPII-certified inspector. 
Annual Inspection
This one year package includes 1x annual inspection with full report and is delivered by an independent RPII-certified inspector. 

Annual Inspection Package
This complete package includes 1x post-installation inspection delivered by an independent RPII-certified inspector and 3 x quarterly operational inspections delivered by our in-house quality and inspections team. These operational inspections can also include one to one training for a member of your staff to allow them to undertake weekly and monthly routine inspections.
Savings are available for multiple sites inspected together in the same region. Contact us to find the best package option for your outstanding outdoor space.