St Agnes Primary School

St Agnes Primary School wanted to find a way to build outdoor play into their students’ learning, as well as using it as an effective outlet for their energy. They tell us what’s been going on since the installation and how it’s improved things for the children.
Why did you want to develop your playground?
We didn’t feel like we were getting the most of our outdoor space, so we really wanted to make the yard more manageable and usable. Free flow play and outdoor learning are really important to us and we believe they can enhance children’s development. Having a well-designed space was essential for this.
The playground is now a much calmer place. The install has created zoning and sections making the yard more manageable and usable. Kane Green, Site Manager
What were the key elements that made Playforce stand out from other providers?
The Playforce experience was brilliant all the way through - from the start of quotation process to after the installation. In particular, communication has been great, since Playforce is always quick to come back and not only answer any of our questions but also resolve any issues. The installation team worked quickly and efficiently - even in some horrendous weather conditions! We received a lot of guidance throughout the whole process. It really felt like Playforce cared about every aspect of the installation, including our well-being during the process.

How are you using the space to deliver outdoor learning and educational play?
Our new space has really improved our P.E. lessons - the children love the MUGA, since it can be used for so many different activities and sports. It means the children have the opportunity to try different things and, most importantly, it’s encouraging fitness across all levels! It’s also great that when the children aren’t in P.E. lessons they’re now excited to be outdoors and be more adventurous during playtimes, especially when using the Jungletops Double Tower!


What are the biggest benefits you have seen for the children?
The playground is now a much calmer place, and behaviour has improved dramatically both in and out of the classroom. The biggest benefit has been the increase in attendance. We’ve used the equipment as a reward for 100% attendance, which has worked so well. The wider community has also been really impressed by the quality of the installation. They seem to love it as much as the children do!


Can you share any practice insights you have gained?
We’ve found that across KS1 and KS2 physical activity has increased two-fold. The designated MUGA area has encouraged not only football for the boys but netball and other sports for the girls. Previously Year Six have been reluctant to be as active as the younger years, but we’re now noticing Year Six being far more involved in physical play at playtimes. All working with Playforce has been a great success!