Scantabout Primary School, Hampshire

The old playground at Scantabout Primary School was lacking something unique. They decided to develop a new outdoor space that would inspire pupils and the community.

Why did you want to develop your playground?

We wanted to give our school something that would make it stand out from the rest, something that would be a truly unique Scantabout experience. By developing the playground we felt that we could encourage the children to spend more time in the great outdoors and enhance their enjoyment of exercise and getting active. Creating a bespoke playground design was the perfect way to improve the children’s happiness and our individuality as a school.

What were the key elements that made Playforce stand out from other providers?

Playforce were able to offer us a real bespoke service. They worked with us and the children from the very start to ensure we were getting the perfect playground. Their vibrant play equipment is really unique and we were able to create a combination that works for us. It is designed to make outdoor learning and play more fun and it helps us to really stand out from other schools in the neighbourhood.
Spending more time outdoors has really helped boost the children’s motivation and productivity.

How are you using the space to deliver outdoor learning and educational play?

Initially we used the new playground to encourage the children to exercise more. The variety of equipment we bought has enabled them to develop their physical skills at their own pace. Now, we are incorporating the playground into all areas of the curriculum. We are able to introduce more outdoor learning into the school day and the benefits are fantastic.

What are the biggest benefits you have seen for the children?

Spending more time outdoors has really helped boost the children’s motivation and productivity. Having the option to develop and challenge their skills has introduced some healthy competition that is reflected in their academic subjects too. Bringing outdoor learning into the curriculum has helped add a variety to the school day that we didn’t have before. It keeps the children inspired right throughout the week.

Can you share any best practice insights you have gained?

If you want to improve exercise within your school, find ways to incorporate the playground across the curriculum. Encouraging the children to find new ways to exercise is important but the crucial part is to make it fun. Our children don’t think of getting active as a painful PE lesson anymore, it’s a great chance to play with their friends and get some fresh air.