New Moston Primary School

New Moston Primary School, in Manchester, was keen to develop a sports space that could be used by all ages as well as the general public. We talked to Playforce consultant Lizzy about the school’s commitment to helping their local community stay active.
Why did they want to develop their playground?

The teachers at New Moston really understand how important it is for children to be active throughout the school day - and the skills they learn through both play and more structured PE and sport. Although they had some playground space they felt this was limited in terms of sports. They only had a muddy playfield that was unusable for nine months of the year. This not only meant that children were unprepared to move up to secondary school - where they’d come across more structured sports - but it also restricted the ways in which they could work with other local schools on sports activities. They had to get a bus to tournaments and it wasn’t sustainable. They decided they needed a new sports space with MUGA and proper surfacing.
We were able to create a fantastic sports area that we’re told is the envy of many of the other schools in the area. Lizzy, Outdoor Grounds Consultant
How are they using the space to deliver outdoor learning and educational play?

We were able to create a fantastic sports area that we’re told is the envy of many of the other schools in the area. With multi-sport surfacing the school can do pretty much everything - rugby, football, hockey, cricket… it’s meant they can invite other schools to come to them, for a change, as part of their local football league. 

Why did they use Playforce?

This school has worked with Playforce over many years and has always appreciated our professionalism and creativity. They’ve also told us that they like the way we hold their hands and help them to do the thinking - that they trust the people at Playforce to do an amazing job for a reasonable price.


What are the biggest benefits they’ve seen for their children?

One of the most exciting benefits they’ve seen is the way the school can now open up the space to the wider community. It’s meant that being active and engaging in sport is something parents and families can do, helping to set a better example for their children.

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