Kingswood Junior School, Essex

With a countrywide increase in childhood obesity, Kingswood Junior School wanted to find a way to instill a positive attitude towards exercise in their pupils. They tell us how their new playground has helped make getting active fun.

Why did you want to develop your playground?

Childhood obesity has been a growing concern for schools across the country and we wanted to work alongside them to help combat it. We wanted to develop a playground that would make exercise fun and that would encourage our pupils to find ways to get active in any environment and enjoy doing it. Creating an outdoor space that was exciting and innovative seemed like the perfect solution.


What were the key elements that made Playforce stand out from other providers?

Playforce are passionate about combating childhood obesity and their equipment is clearly designed to help encourage exercise in playtimes and lessons. The team was really helpful from the start and could recommend the ideal equipment for our space and situation. They were able to identify the best ways to encourage active play and worked with the children to design something that they wanted.

Spending more time outdoors has improved [the children's] motivation and productivity, they are full of energy when they return to the classroom.

How are you using the space to deliver outdoor learning and educational play?

By simply introducing fun and innovative equipment to the children, we have been able to incorporate exercise into all aspects of the school day. We use the equipment to add a new dimension to lessons and break the barrier between the classroom and the playground. At break times the children get free reign of the equipment and we ask them to think of new ways we can bring exercise into our daily routine.


What are the biggest benefits you have seen for the children?

The children love getting outside and active and race to have their turn in the playground. We’ve noticed a huge difference in their attitudes towards exercise and we hope that this is one that will stay with them for life. Spending more time outdoors has improved their motivation and productivity, they are full of energy when they return to the classroom.

Can you share any best practice insights you have gained?

Instilling a positive attitude towards exercise from a young age is extremely important and the best way to do it is to make getting active fun. When developing your playground ensure you have a good variety of equipment that will appeal to all ages and abilities. Ask the children what they want and work around that.