Kings Hill Primary School

After the initial consultation, the design brief at Kings Hill Primary School was to redevelop an outdated and under used reception playground.



The old layout was a mismatch of randomly positioned equipment and materials, with worn, dull surfacing that was in desperate need of repair.

The project team at Kings Hill Primary School wanted to create a unique, flowing play space, that offered a natural look and feel, specifically designed for Reception aged children. The equipment and surfacing where carefully chosen to help promote both physical and imaginative play opportunities.

The use of a variety of different surfaces has helped to create zones. James Chlak, Playforce Outdoor Grounds Consultant
Sensory pathways guide the children to different zones within the play space whilst also leading to the central brick paved and decked garden area that even comes complete with a water pump!

Great attention to detail was given during the design process to flow and spacing allowing for safety distances around the play equipment and also enabling the play space to be flexible and changeable.


The use of a variety of different surfaces has also helped to create zoning in the area which has really made the space more manageable for everyone. Designing in this way has resulted in a fantastic new play area for the very best value.