Cottesmore Parish Council

An existing play area in Cottesmore, Rutland, was due for refurbishment as the surfacing and equipment had become outdated. One unit of existing play equipment was outdated and the area needed remodelling so it could become a more desirable place for the local children.
Following an initial consultation and site visit, the area was renovated by removing an existing unit and another timber unit was cleaned, re-stained and later reinstalled. The existing surfacing was removed and replaced with turf and grass matting to go underneath the unit. The revamped playground is now available for the local children to enjoy. 
The revamped playground is now available for the local children to enjoy.

Our approach to this project was to save the Parish Council as much of their precious funding as possible, by refurbishing some of their existing equipment that was still in good condition, giving it a new lease of life. We also minimised the amount of new materials needed and chose surfacing materials to last as long as possible, whilst maintaining a more natural aesthetic. 


As part of our full-service approach to Parish Council play area refurbishments, our specialist team can cover a range of services to get the very best value from any play area - this includes play area development, landscaping, planned or reactive maintenance and of course the inspection and refresh of existing equipment if required. For more information or to request a free consultation and quotation for your local play area, get in touch here.