Burnham Copse Primary School

You don’t have to totally overhaul your outdoor space to make a big impact. At Burnham Copse Primary School we helped to turn limited outdoor space into a practical space suitable for all ages and a wide range of activities. Consultant Tom, explains more. 
Why did they want to develop their playground?

In truth their outdoor space was just a bit tired. Their existing climbing equipment was very old and starting to fail but they also recognised that they needed the space to work harder for non-active time and also Early Years. The Early Years space was just a muddy bank!
We created a space that works for so many different purposes. Tom Dean, Outdoor Grounds Consultant
How are they using the space to deliver outdoor learning and educational play?

They’ve been able to create three distinct areas. First they had some amazing new climbing equipment and this has not only made a difference to playtime but also presented some great ways to take lessons like maths and english outside. Second, they’ve created a quiet area - replacing some old benches - so that there is social space, as well as places to sit and read or take small groups. Finally, they have a wonderful new, all year space for the EYFS children to learn through free-flow play, including a hexagonal shelter.
Why did they use Playforce?

The school knew they had a limited amount of space - and, like everyone else, limited budget. They responded well to our appreciation of this, as well as the fact we recognised the importance of surfacing and landscaping, rather than just trying to cram equipment in. It’s created a space that works for so many different purposes. 

What are the biggest benefits they’ve seen for the children?

The learning and playtime benefits have been fantastic. But most important is the fact that their outdoor space is now usable through far more of the year. Because Playforce considered surfacing as well as equipment, they have all-year spaces outdoors.