Brunswick Primary School, East Sussex

Following a redevelopment of an uninspiring outdoor space at this Hove primary school, School Business Manager Liz Moore tells us how the revamped space has helped children become more engaged in activities at playtime, with a positive effect on behaviour.
The school and PTFA have been raising funds for a couple of years to re-design the playground and field as it had become uninspiring for the children. The initial quote and specification for the Playforce equipment were actually pretty similar to one of the other tenders, however Tom’s enthusiasm for their product and his keenness to make sure we had the very best we could afford really shone through.
"They are more engaged and behaviour has improved as a result of the children actively engaging with/using the play equipment installed." Liz Moore, School Business Manager, Brunswick Primary School

By working closely with Playforce and sharing our requirements and budget restrictions with them we were able to create a bespoke play area that really exceeded our initial expectations.


In addition, Playforce came highly recommended by another Primary school. Worth noting though, the work did take slightly longer than we anticipated.


The children are using the outdoor space at playtimes and lunchtimes. They are more engaged and behaviour has improved as a result of the actively engaging/using the play
equipment installed.