Bristol Grammar School, Somerset

Free flow play was something that Bristol Grammar School wanted to deliver to their pupils in a new way. They tell us how a Poddely Set has enabled them to take part in flexible and creative fun.
Why did you want to develop your playground?
We needed to find a way to encourage more free flow play during the school day. We wanted the children to be able to move freely between the classroom and the playground and have something that would inspire them to play and learn more creatively. We didn’t want to invest in more fixed play equipment and we wanted something that could be incorporated across the curriculum.

What were the key elements that made Playforce stand out from other providers?
After searching play providers for a solution, it was Playforce’s Poddely Sets that caught out eye. They are flexible and fun and can be used in any environment. For us, it was really important that they didn’t require too much space and they were really easy to set-up and put away. It was useful to be able to see how other schools have incorporated the Poddely Sets into their routine and the website has some great information and ideas for play.
Using the Poddely set to deliver free flow play has inspired the children to be more creative.
How are you using the space to deliver outdoor learning and educational play?
The Poddely Set gives us the option to take play and learning wherever we feel like it. We’ve taught the children how to set-up the equipment, so that they can create anything they want during break times. During lessons we make seats for story times or easels for mark making. When the bell rings for break, the children’s imaginations are unleashed and we see dens, castles and assault courses.

What are the biggest benefits you have seen for the children?
Using the Poddely set to deliver free flow play has inspired the children to be more creative. The set challenges them, requiring problem solving skills, and this has been transferred to a range of subjects. We’ve seen improvements in their social and behavioural skills as well as in their approaches to new challenges and problems. Spending more time outside has boosted their productivity and creativity, adding some variety to the way they play has been very beneficial.
Can you share any practice insights you have gained?
A Poddely Set is the perfect solution for schools that want to develop the playground as an extension of the classroom. The new flexibility we have gained from our set means that the indoors and outdoors aren’t thought of as two separate areas for play, it is just one big space ready to inspire learning and creativity.