Brentfield Primary School

With a new headteacher Brentfield Primary School was keen to overhaul their outdoor space. We talked to Playforce consultant Tom to find out what they aimed to achieve with this development project, and why Playforce was the team for them.
Why did they want to develop your playground?

This school had a really awkward outdoor space, somewhat crammed in around other buildings. They were stuck with a large tarmac space with a fence running down the middle - no zones and very little opportunity for outdoor learning. Something needed to be done! They were looking for a creative solution that would allow them to include zoned areas suitable for different ages and activities. They were particularly keen to include a MUGA, as well.
We suggested incorporating the MUGA into the bank area, freeing up space to include other equipment. Tom Dean, Outdoor Grounds Consultant
Why did they use Playforce?

The school’s headteacher had worked with Playforce previously and told us that she knew, from experience, that the products, ideas and service were second-to-none. They did look around at other suppliers but they said they didn’t offer the imaginative solutions that Playforce did. Playforce suggested incorporating the MUGA into the bank area, freeing up space to include other equipment. The school loved this idea - making best use of all of the available space.
What are the biggest benefits they’ve seen for the children?

The children have loved the variety this new space offers. They have a dedicated sports area as well as a fantastic active climbing area, a double woodland tower and a long, 14-piece, active trail. The children have so much opportunity for running around. But they aren’t only benefiting from active play, they also have a performance area with artificial grass, meaning they can take music lessons outdoors. The school seems most happy, though, with the design and look of the space - in particular the expanse of green space! It’s made a big different to the children in helping them to feel more able to express themselves and spend time outdoors.

Featured products include:
Double Pirate Boat (1.5m & 1.2m)
Active Trail Multi Level 14
Up & Over Bars (Set of 3 Heights)