Bevington Primary School, London

The staff at Bevington Primary School wanted to find a way to make moving between the classroom and the playground easier and more fun. They tell us how a Poddely set has changed the way they take part in free flow play.

Why did you want to develop your playground?

Outdoor play is an essential part of the day at Bevington Primary School but we needed something that would help us flow between the classroom and the playground more easily, taking advantage of transitional areas too. We wanted to find playground equipment that wasn’t static or difficult to set up, and it was important to have the option to move our play and learning into a different environment whenever the opportunity arose.


What were the key elements that made Playforce stand out from other providers?

We researched other providers to try and find something that would meet our criteria but it was the Poddely sets, designed by Playforce, that really caught our eye. We were able to see examples of them in action on the website and it was useful to be able to find out how other schools have integrated the sets into their daily routine. The equipment is engaging, flexible and exciting, we feel as though we have discovered something innovative and unique.

Playing with the Poddely set requires the children to use their imaginations.

How are you using the space to deliver outdoor learning and educational play?

Moving outside no longer requires a lot of planning nor takes a lot of time and effort. Having a Poddely set means that we can take lessons outdoors into the playground whenever it is appropriate. We use it for sand and water play during science lessons and to create easels for creative drawing. We have shown the children how the pieces of the set fit together and given them some ideas to send them on their way but the rest is entirely up to them.


What are the biggest benefits you have seen for the children?

Playing with the Poddely set requires the children to use their imaginations. In turn they have developed their creative thinking and problem solving and this has been reflected in other areas of the curriculum. They are more confident when approaching new challenges and work together to find the solutions. They are benefiting from the new variety in activities and environments.

Can you share any practice insights you have gained?

Finding a way to encourage more outdoor play doesn’t mean you have to invest in static equipment. A Poddely set is flexible and fun, it’s easy to put together and can be left with the children and their imaginations. Our top tip is to leave them to it (under supervision of course!) they can find unlimited games to play and objects to create.