All Saints CE Primary School, Leicestershire

The children of All Saints CE Primary School have had their wishes come true thanks to their new playground development.

Why did you want to develop your playground?

We asked the pupils of All Saints CE Primary to write a wish list of what they wanted to see in the school. The number one request from the 160 pupils was to have ‘a new playground’. We wanted to improve the quality of the learning equipment to develop pupil responsibility and social skills. Creating a new playground allowed us to incorporate both staff and pupil desires into a new, fun environment.

What were the key elements that made Playforce stand out from other providers?

From the very start Playforce offered us a personal service that was tailored to suit the school’s space and budget. The team were very friendly and were keen to get everyone involved in the planning process. The quality of the equipment is fantastic and we know that it will last far into All Saints CE Primary’s future.
The children love all the different types of physical activity they have on offer now, they keep saying “thank you”!

How are we using the space to deliver outdoor learning & educational play?

Our old playground was dull and flat so the new space is actively being used to combine outdoor learning and educational play. Our new playground has provided the children with an environment in which they can get the right mix of social, physical and structured play. The equipment is being used daily by the children to develop their skills and release their imaginations.

What are the biggest benefits you have seen for the children?

The children love all the different types of physical activity they have on offer now, they keep saying “thank you”! The Timber Trail tests their skills while encouraging co-operation and the Rock and Roll Log offers an interactive challenge. All of the pupils look forward to getting outside and active and, in turn, this has had a very positive effect on their attitude in the classroom.

Can you share any best practice insights you’ve gained?

Think about how you can raise extra money for your development so that you can invest in a great range. We worked hard to fundraise ourselves and boosted the budget with a church charity bid and a donation from the PTA.