Abercromby Nursery School, Liverpool

Abercromby Nursery School in Liverpool had a previous playground installation that had unfortunately been condemned due to rot. They recognised the value of outdoor play and learning for the children - particularly those from an urban environment - and wanted to find something to fill the space that would extend their play provision to all ages.
Why did they want to develop their playground?
When  faced  with  a  gap  in  their  outdoor  play equipment - due to worn-out, broken equipment  -  Abercromby  Nursery  School  decided  to  expand  their  facilities.  Having  extended  provision  to  include  two  year-olds,  they  were  aware  that  much  of  the  existing  outdoor  space  was  too  big  and  unsuitable   for   them.   They   wanted   to   install  something  that  would  be  more  suitable for the whole two to five year old age range.
Playforce was our chosen company from the start. Their design was everyone’s favourite! It offered the most opportunities and possibilities for different ages to engage with imaginative play and skill development outdoors.

How are they using the space to deliver outdoor learning and educational play?

As  well  as  considering  the  needs  of  younger  children  Abercromby  Nursery  School  was  keen  to  develop  opportunities for imaginative play outdoors. The nursery school recognised the value that imaginative play has for little children, in particular those starting at nursery school.


Why did they use Playforce?

To start with the nursery school chose three companies and invited them to provide proposals and quotes. The staff voted unanimously for Playforce. Headteacher, Tamara Bennett explains more: “Playforce was our chosen company from the start. Their design was everyone’s favourite! It offered the most opportunities  and  possibilities  for  different  ages  to  engage  with  imaginative  play  and  skill  development  outdoors.  It  also  fitted  in  well,  stylistically,  with  our  natural  garden  area.  Most  importantly,  we  all  responded  well to Playforce’s ‘soft sell’ approach and clear experience in this sort of project.”

How was your experience of working with Playforce?

Tamara Bennett continued:
“Overall we were very impressed. The installation presented   a   few   challenges   because   of   the   COVID-19  pandemic  and  lockdown...  and  there  were  delivery  challenges  to  contend  with  as  a  result  of  Brexit.  Everything  too  a  bit  longer  than  anticipated but, despite everything (and some truly terrible weather), the installation went ahead and we’re delighted with our new play equipment. The children  particularly  love  the  added  chalk  board  and ship’s wheel on the Hide & Climb Lodge and, as  members  of  staff,  we’re  thrilled  to  see  them  play on equipment designed - size-wise - for them, rather than something too big.”