Why we think wood is wonderful for outdoor play!

02 December 2015


Did you know? The first “trees” as we know them today appeared as long as 400 million years ago! Trees are our ancient lifesource and have been for as long as human existence. They provide shelter, oxygen, home for animals and even food. At Playforce we think wood is wonderful for outdoor play as it brings children closer to nature.

Playground Investment Drives Physical Activity

It’s even been proved in an official study - more investment in outdoor play boosts physical activity. Wooden outdoor play areas are far more superior to their metal alternatives, as they blend into nature, allowing children to explore. Schools that invest in outdoor play equipment that improves physical literacy could be eligible for Sport Premium Funding - a win-win situation for schoolchildren and staff alike!

Making Time for Minibeasts

We mentioned in our previous blog More Ideas for Minibeasts, connecting with nature is a brilliant way for children to get some fresh air and a bit of freedom. Wooden outdoor play products just make the experience even more amazing. At Playforce we absolutely adore wildlife - including bugs, birds and mammals. That’s why we offer services such as Landscape and Sensory Play Gardening, as well as our brilliant Garden and Grow section in the Playforce Shop.

Shelter & Shade

As well as looking fabulous, Playforce wooden outdoor playgrounds give children shelter and shade come rain and shine. In fact, we specialise in outdoor classrooms, shelter and shade crafted from softwood timber! Wood has been used as a natural shelter for thousands of years and our wooden outdoor playground shelters bring the children back to nature while keeping them dry from the rain and safe from UV rays on hot days! We must remember that trees can be used to make dens too. Children love making dens and what better way to mark National Tree Week by investing in our Den Making Sets!

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