When I Grow Up I Want To Be

27 June 2016

This month we’ve been sharing lots of great ideas and resources for teaching science in the playground. From eating like an astronaut to exciting experiments, we’ve been talking about all the ways that science can be interactive, imaginative, messy and fun!


But how do all of these playground activities help us as grown ups? What amazing science jobs use the skills we’ve developed through outdoor learning?  


We’ve had a look at five of our favourite science jobs for grown ups to see how we can start practicing in the playground now.


When I grow up I want to be an….



Watching the return of Tim Peake has got a lot of people excited about space and astronomers are the people who study everything we find up there. Inspire an interest in space and everything around us by taking space lessons into the playground and experimenting beyond the atmosphere. 



Archaeologists are the detectives of history. They study humans, life and culture over millions of years. A good archaeologist needs a keen eye and a lot of patience as they search for clues into the world’s past. Practice digging out fossils in the playground and seeing if you can find the latest dinosaur discovery. 



We learn everything about what makes up our Earth through Geologists. They tell us about our planet’s history and what makes it so special. Start finding the secrets of Earth by filling your Discovery Pit with different rocks you find around the playground or why not try making your own quick sand?



A biologist studies life in all its different forms. They research life processes and how living things relate to their environment. Budding biologists can get a step ahead and begin to understand the environment through learning to care for it. Giving children a garden that they can care for and watch grow initiates the interest in natural life needed to become a brilliant biologist. 



A love of animals and a head for science is key for becoming a Zoologist. These scientists study the behaviour of all animals, both living and extinct. Zoologists need to be active and excited about exploring. These skills are easy to develop in a playground that’s full of adventure and fun. 


If you’re looking for inspiration to create the perfect outdoor space, have a look at our latest outdoor learning case studies. Book your consultation with our in house experts today to inspire budding scientists in your school. 

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