What trees mean to us at Playforce

18 November 2020

As part of National Tree Week we asked members of the Playforce team to share their views on trees and why they’re so important at Playforce.
Why are trees important to Playforce?


Claire Thew, Marketing Manager: “Trees are crucial for us at Playforce. They supply us with the timbers we need to create many of our best-loved playground equipment pieces. Our timber ranges are perfect to compliment the natural environment.”
Katie Gribben, Outdoor Grounds Consultant: “At Playforce we understand the social, communal and environmental benefit of trees – especially when it comes to tree -friendly playgrounds. Trees encourage a happier and healthier school play area and encourage children to be in and understand their natural surroundings. Also without sustainable trees we wouldn’t be able to continue creating our beautiful products.”
Ben Shears, Outdoor Grounds Consultant: “Our choice of sustainable sources is important. We’re proud to be members of the Forest Stewardship Council and work hard to be as sustainable as possible. Because our equipment uses timber our membership means we commit to sourcing it from places that will replace and plant more than we use. It means we know that although it’s important for us, we’re doing something right by the environment at the same time.”


Why are trees important to you personally?


Ben: “Trees to me are super important. They aren’t just a material that we work with here at Playforce. They are a life source for so many, look beautiful, and are vital for the environment to stay green and healthy.”

Katie: “I’ve always found trees to be exciting and able to encourage a healthy relationship with nature. Whether it was from climbing them as a child or searching the dense foliage for hidden bird nests trees have always had a huge impact on my life. Now as an adult I don’t get to climb them as often, but I still love exploring the local woodlands around my home and admiring all the beauty of the trees in the changing seasons.”
Claire: “Absolutely. Trees are so beautiful and interesting. I love visiting the botanical gardens in Autumn to see the autumnal colours.”
Mike Barber, Outdoor Grounds Consultant: “Trees are important to me as they are vital for our environment not just for the air we breathe - they also improve any play space,creating shade and giving a playground a more natural feel.”
Emma Turnbull, Digital Manager: “Trees are important to me as they symbolise life and the passage of time, it’s amazing to think that some trees are thousands of years old and have been seen by so many different people. When I was born my parents planted a tree to celebrate my arrival into the world and it is still growing strong in their garden today.”


Do you have a story that you would like to share about trees?


Ben: “I have many, many memories of climbing trees as a child and searching for that perfect tree to build a treehouse in!”
Claire: “I remember collecting leaves as a child in all different shapes, sizes and colours.”
Katie: “Once when I was much younger I was given a pink brand named pair of shorts and matching t-shirt. I was so excited I popped them on and ran into the garden to sit in my favorite oak tree. In my haste and excitement I climbed the tree far too quickly, slipped and fell out into the biggest patch of stinging nettles ever! I was itching all over for hours, but was straight back in the tree the following day having not learned my lesson!”
Mike: “When I was a kid we had a huge ash tree in our garden my brothers and I used to climb and fall out of. We spent hours playing in it and around it making up games.”


For more information about our timber playground ranges, or our commitment to sustainable timber usage, please contact one of our experts today.

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