What could you do with your £500 in the Playforce Shop?

21 March 2016


Our brand new customer reward scheme means that if you recommend us to another school and they, in turn, become a Playforce customer, you can get £500 to spend in our Playforce Shop. All of the products in our online shop don’t require installation and can be delivered directly to your school.


Need some ideas for spending your cash? Here are a few ways that you could get the best out of your £500….


Grow your own garden


Create a space in your playground for gardening so that children can get to grips with growing and learn the importance of sustainability and healthy eating. Start your set up with rectangular and square Fun Grow Planters and let smaller children get their hands dirty too with red and blue Junior Square Planters. Groovy gardeners can learn the basics with our Wheelbarrow and Gardening Kit and don’t forget your Compost!


Total: £460.50


Get cooking in the kitchen


Transform your playground into a Michelin star restaurant or a creep castle kitchen with our Upcycled Mud Kitchen and Potion Pot Set. Children can use mud, water, twigs, leaves and any natural materials they can think of to cook up a muddy storm in their playspace. All of the kitchen equipment is upcycled, making it even more special as no two sets are ever exactly the same.


Total: £493


Create anything with Poddely


Poddely is our award-winning play equipment that gives children the opportunity to create anything they want with a variety of building shapes, blocks and cubes. It’s a fantastic way to get children to think creatively and imaginatively as they work together to find new and interesting ways to use the Poddely set. All of our Poddely sets can be used together so with your £500 you could get started with a Poddely Water Set, a large set of Basic Shapes and a small set of Geometry Shapes, all alongside a Sensory Set to make everything even more interactive.


Total: £462


Do a little discovering


If you want to make one big investment with your money, one of our favourite big Playforce Shop items is the Hexagonal Discovery Pit. Our discovery pits are all about getting hands-on and interactive. This one has three triangular sections of varying depths that can be filled with materials such as sand or pebbles, or can even be used to store loose play items. Close all of the lids and it doubles as a stage area for drama performances or even a three-tired podium for those Olympic medal ceremonies!


Total: £499


We have created our Playforce Rewards Scheme to thank our loyal customers for choosing us and recommending us to their friends. All customers, big and small, are entitled to great discounts and referrals are offered a choice of rewards, including the £500 to spend in the Playforce Shop. To find out how you can get the benefits of being a Playforce customer, get in touch and read more about our rewards scheme here

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