We are enjoying National Storytelling Week

01 February 2021

With the weather all cold and windy and everyone stuck at home, away from school, we think a good session of storytelling is exactly what we all need. And this week it’s National Storytelling Week… which is the perfect excuse to integrate storytelling with homeschooling and class activities online.


So what’s your favourite story to escape into?


Here at Playforce we had a think about the stories we love and the ways in which we can enjoy them even more. Of course, reading them is great but imagining we’re a part of them through playing is even more fun! We got to thinking about some of our favourite EYFS products and how children can use them to bring these stories alive.


EYFS Grasp and Grab Web - What would storytime be without Charlotte’s Web? Without a doubt a favourite story here at Playforce HQ. We think children will love pretending to be Charlotte and Wilbur, not only climbing up and around Charlotte’s own web but underneath, looking up, as Wilbur does.


EYFS Monkey Vines and Monkey Shuffle -  Several members of the Playforce team said that The Jungle Book was one of the best stories of all time… and that’s before we even start thinking about the films and the music… Look for the bare necessities… we bet you’re humming along… We immediately thought about our Monkey Vines and Monkey Shuffle products as a way to get children pretending to be monkeys and acting out scenes from the story.
EYFS Hump Back Hill - Another one of our favourite stories is The Hungry Caterpillar. With our Hump Back Hill children can crawl up and over and down and through the hole, just like the Caterpillar… you could even have cake at the very end!


EYFS Discovery Cabin - It might be an old one but we love The Wind in the Willows. Of course, it would be quite some playground if it included everything you need for that but we do love the thought of transforming our EYFS Discovery Cabin into Badger’s home - just the cozyness we all need for this cold weather!


EYFS Journey Trail -  One of our all time favourites is Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and we got to thinking about how our EYFS Journey Trail could be reimagined as the tour around the factory. Wouldn’t it be amazing to think of all those wonderful adventures and sweets along our trail?


If you’re looking for inspiration you can find lots of great teaching and learning resources for National Storytelling Week on their website and also with our friends over at Twinkl


And don’t forget, if you’re struggling with limited space and COVID-19 restrictions, we have lots of Ready to Play products for EYFS that can be used to bring storytelling alive.


Why not take a look at our Pig Animal Weaver and Drawing Board, our Den Trees or even our Bubble Wash!

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