Up to 15% of our most popular Maths Thermoplastics

12 April 2017


As part of Mathematics and Statistic Awareness Month we’ve been talking about how you can take maths lessons into the playground. To make it even easier, throughout April we’re offering up to 15% off maths-related thermoplastic markings for your outdoor space if you install them this month. That’s the kind of maths puzzle we like to calculate! 

Our thermoplastic markings are perfect for transforming tarmac surfaces into something special and give children the opportunity to play and learn in a new environment. We’re offering discounts of packages and singular items from our thermoplastic range so you can find the perfect combination for your space and budget. 

Our Maths Packages 1 & 2 include a variety of our bestselling markings. Whether you want to head into the playground for lessons on how to tell the time, measuring angles or learning about shapes, with these combinations the playground will become your go-to spot for fun and innovative maths lessons. 

Two of our favourite thermoplastic markings are also available on their own. Our Snakes and Ladders Game and Number Grid Outline can be bought separately to add a mathematical touch to your outdoor space. These designs are colourful and simple, making them easy to use for any lesson. In need of a little inspiration? Check out our Outdoor Maths Pinterest board for lots of great tips on taking maths into the playground. Our thermoplastics are the perfect way to start incorporating more outdoor learning into your numeracy curriculum.

Interested in transforming your tarmac into a space for marvellous maths? Email sales@playforce.co.uk to place your order and get your thermoplastic markings installed during April to make the most of this fantastic discount. 

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