Unique flexible outdoor play with Jungletops

15 December 2016

2016 has been a very exciting year for the team at Playforce. We’ve had one of our most successful years and have launched a range of amazing new products and services. One of our highlights has been the introduction of Jungletops. It’s one of the most flexible playground ranges available, with hundreds of different configurations and gives customers the opportunity to design something totally unique.


What is Jungletops?

Jungletops is our new, modular range of play towers, trails and climbing equipment. Customers can choose from different entry and exit points, a range of imaginative scenarios, and connectors including trail and climbing features. Opt for natural woodland colours to fit with surrounding environment or choose playtime colours for something more vibrant.


How does the Jungletops range benefit children?

Children can have great fun learning and playing through non-prescriptive climbing and active trails across the range. The challenges available on the equipment promote agility, flexibility, coordination, communication and teamwork. The range can be incorporated into a wealth of curriculum activities, allowing Jungletops to be used for outdoor learning as well as play.




What are the nitty gritty details?
•The Jungletops range starts at £2,698 + VAT, supplied and installed.
•Configurations to suit ages from 2 to 11 years
•Minimal ground installation, maximising the footprint and reducing installation costs
•3 Towers heights available, 1.0m, 1.4m & 1.8m
•4m long Trail Link provides a connection to existing Playforce Timber Trail to create connected play schemes.

What maintenance is involved?

•Vandal resistant fixings fitting with anti-tamper security caps
•Timber uprights are mounted out of ground contact enabling easy replacement of parts without costly disruption to finished wet-pour or carpet surfaces.
•Constructed from 99% recyclable materials which can be easily separated into constituent parts for ‘End of Life’ recycling.

What materials is the Jungletops range made from?

•Hot-dip galvanized steel foundations.
•Timber uprights mounted 200mm above finished surface level
•Prevents damaged and ground level decay caused by mechanical grass strimmers
•Glue Laminated Uprights
•Kiln dried play-safe uprights with smooth, uniform finish
•Very high strength to weight ratio, reducing warping, twisting and cracking
•304 Grade stainless steel slide.


To find out more about our Jungletops range and how it can fit into your outstanding outdoor space, book a consultation with one of our local advisors.

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