Trees are really important to us at Playforce

24 October 2019

It stands to reason that, with a large part of our product range being wooden, trees play a pretty important part here at Playforce.


So why is timber such a great material for play equipment?


Well, first and most importantly, there are some practical considerations. It’s really strong and durable - in many cases more so than the various options available for metal and plastic. It’s entirely flexible in a design sense - there isn’t very much you can’t do with timber. But it’s also flexible in an installation sense. It is far more adaptiable to different sites and ground conditions, making it a more practical material for some school playgrounds - particularly those working with challenging sites.  


But there are lots of other reasons we like to use timber. First, we love the fact that it’s a natural material with wonderful opportunities in terms of design. Not only does it fit in beautifully when you’re trying to create a forest or woodland theme, but, even in an urban environment, wood softens the scheme design and presents fantastic textures and colours. 


And finally, it’s a great material for play equipment because it’s sustainable - or can be if sourced from the right places. At Playforce we’re committed to producing and installing the very highest quality of sustainable wooden play equipment. This means that all of our products are made from FSC certified timber that has been sustainably sourced from a supplier that meets internationally and nationally agreed standards of responsible forest management. 


There’s no denying that timber products are amongst our most popular. Here are our favourite timber products - offering something for every school or setting and every site, no matter how urban, small or challenging!


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