Top tips for changing your EY playground this summer

08 August 2017

School’s out for summer and we’re already seeing signs of schools getting ready for the new academic year. If thinking about stationery and uniform seems painful, we’ve got some fun things to plan to make sure that next year is packed with play.



S is for…. Space. 
Rethink your outdoor space. Playgrounds come in all shapes and sizes. Think you’ve got the world’s most awkward outdoor space? We’ve probably worked on something similar. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some awkward examples here

U - Understand
The key to a successful space is understanding what the children want. They are the ones using it after all! Consider their ideas in your initial plans and we’ll incorporate them into the design. There’s no idea too silly, we’ve worked with them all. It’s also important to understand how your playground can work alongside the EYFS curriculum. A flexible space with high quality equipment that allows for effective practice of the outdoor learning curriculum can be used for far more than just play.

M - Maintenance
This summer take a little time to give your current playground some TLC. Playforce playgrounds are of the highest quality but we always recommend routine inspections to ensure your space is in tip-top shape. Contact us to arrange an annual inspection with a RPII-certified inspector, or watch the video below to see how to carry out some checks yourself. 

M - Money
One of the biggest hurdles for the majority of our clients is finding the funding for their new playground project. During the summer break, spend some time researching funding options available for your Early Years playground and planning some fundraising projects for the new academic year.

E - Experiment
The only thing stopping you from finding new ways to play is your imagination. Experiment with incorporating your outdoor space into all aspects of the school day. We’ve seen amazing Early Years spaces be used for everything from maths to art. Want some inspiration? Check out our Early Years case studies

R - Refresh
Already got a great playground set-up? You might not need to rethink your playground this summer. Instead consider giving it a little refresh. Did you know? Some of our playground equipment is interchangeable. Mix up your Play Panels and swap out the old for something new to give your playground an instant makeover. 


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