The Benefits Of Sensory Play

10 February 2020


Learning through play is widely recognised as one of the best ways to help children develop an understanding of the world around them, as well as providing a range of stimuli for physical and cognitive development, setting them up for success as they get older.


ben shears playground equipment expert on the benefits of sensory playIn this week’s blog, one of our resident experts Ben Shears, former primary school teacher and Playforce consultant, shares some of his knowledge and experience about the benefits of one area recognised for its wide-ranging benefits; sensory play.


“Sensory play is something more and more schools are researching and introducing into their provision as the benefits to students have been proven to be vast. The value of having sensory areas both within the classroom and in the outdoor learning environment is becoming better known.



 Introducing sensory play into the school environment has the following benefits:


  • Builds nerve connections in the brain, resulting in the ability for children to complete complex learning tasks
  • Develops fine and gross motor skills, which then, in turn benefit a child’s physical literacy
  • Creates a safe, calming environment for children to explore their surroundings
  • Supports language development as children learn to describe what they can see, feel, smell, hear and taste, as well as perception of their bodies, movement and balance.
  • Encourages children to develop problem solving and scientific thinking whilst they play and explore
  • Helps children to understand the world around them, exploring what is positive and safe
  • Encourages mindfulness and focusing on specific tasks


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