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08 April 2020


We don’t have to tell you that the current situation is presenting endless challenges - particularly for those trying to juggle family life with virtual teaching commitments.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve focused all of our social media attention on Facebook, as it’s where most of you are ‘hanging out’ at the moment. We’ve been collecting together our favourite resources for those teaching from home, and for parents trying to homeschool. You can find us here.

We’d love to hear from you and for you to share your own ideas too. Please feel free to comment and share on there. We want to work together to say “thank you” and help our teaching community.

In the meantime… here are some of our favourite ‘finds’ over the last fortnight:

Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance has collated a brilliant list of organisations offering online professional development and all are offering at least some of their materials free of charge. Click here to find out more.

Pupils can draw on the power of doodles to aid memory. Doodling while learning is usually frowned on by teachers but it can boost memory and should be used routinely when revising, an experiment suggests. Click here to read more

Want complete science lesson plans for distance teaching? Download Twig Education’s free learning packs today.

BBC launches daily educational shows to keep children studying. Programmes will cover key national curriculum topics while UK schools are closed. Read more.

10 nature activities for kids if you're self-isolating at home - do them indoors or in the garden! Click here to find out more

With more teachers swapping classrooms for front rooms, Oliver Ireland from TES shares five ways to avoid bad home-working habits. Well, it’s important to look after yourself too…

Tips from a teacher: How to homeschool your kids while working during a global pandemic. Read more here.

The Irish Times has shared some great ideas for online teaching and learning resources. Click here.

TES has compiled an extensive list of some of the best places to find free home learning resources for parents and teachers to use during school closures. Click here to read more.


The free TeachTogether service will send weekly text messages to teachers including supportive quotes from other professionals, advice and links to useful activities. Keep in touch.

Twinkl has created a School Closure Home Learning Pack for parents of primary school children to help them maintain children’s learning during the coronavirus outbreak. Find out more here. Twinkl also has a Parents Hub that has a number of different guides designed for parents to support them with different curricular areas. Take a look.

But one of our favourites is how Pobble has created 25 ideas for non-screen activities for primary school children that can be done at home. Get in the garden or away from those screens!

Whilst things are definitely not 'business as usual' for anyone, we'd love to hear from you, whether to discuss any current or new projects, to get started on any future plans when things are hopefully a little more normal, or just to say hello and keep in touch! Our team can also provide free virtual consultations via video call. If you fancy a chat then feel free to contact us!


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