Taking Maths outside - Mathematics Awareness Month

29 March 2022


April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. What better way to mark this with the improving weather than by taking Maths outside! Maths shouldn’t be restricted to inside the classroom. Our outside environments also provide a rich and unique learning experience for children. 

Why learning outdoors benefits children (and you, their teachers)

Extending the classroom outdoors has many advantages for learning, here are some reasons to add it to your teaching practice.


1. Learning outdoors helps to bridge the gap between classroom learning and life outside of school
Many children fail to make the connection between the maths concepts they learn in the classroom and their lives outside of school.
Taking the classroom outside and giving children opportunities to apply their learning in their natural environment helps make the maths they learn meaningful.
Incorporating outdoor learning opportunities during lessons for children is important. They are likely to be engaged and more motivated to learn when they see the experience as valuable and relevant. The outside environment often helps to give abstract concepts a real-life context.


2. Taking the classroom outside doesn’t mean a bigger workload
Do you avoid taking your classroom outside out of fear it might add unnecessary work to your already jam-packed timetable?


You’re not alone. Often a major reason for dismissing learning outdoors is because it’s seen as a whole new environment. One with its own set of objectives on top of what our children need to achieve inside the classroom.
But this doesn’t need to be the case.


The outside learning environment should be viewed as an extension of the classroom; an opportunity for children to learn and apply skills in a practical way.


Resources to help you take maths outside

Here are 9 lesson ideas developed by a Primary school headteacher on taking maths lessons outside.
We also love this range of Primary mathematics resource packages divided into topics and age ranges.

If you are wanting to zone off areas or create sheltered spaces to help with taking Maths or any subject outdoors please do give us a call on 01604 261690 to discuss your requirements and to arrange your free consultation or contact us here.


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