Super Awesome Science Videos

14 June 2016


We've scoured the web to find you the very best selection of fantastic science videos for information, experiment and activity ideas to do with your pupils.


SciShow - Updated 7 days a week, different themes each day, e.g. quick questions, quiz shows.
Minuteearth - 3 minute animated videos, science and stories about our planet.
The Brain Scoop - A kid-friendly inside look at the collections of the Field Museum in Chicago
brusspup - Fun science tricks and illusions

SciShowKids - Experiments, talks and answers for curious minds, carried out by Jessi and her robot rat.
Whizkid science - Easy kids experiments demonstrated by children themselves.
HooplaKidzLab - Experiments designed to be carried out at home or in the classroom.
SpanglerScienceTV - Original Mentos vs Coke experimenter, has a channel of videos of experiments that can be done at school.

SciShowKids - A collection of experiments that can be conducted in the playground.
Swings, Slides and Science - A video showing the science behind playground equipment.
Playground Science - Claire the Science Kid explains balance, gravity and forces in the playground.
The Science of Playgrounds - Kids explain the physics of playground equipment.


Feeling inspired? Get in touch now to find out how you could take science into your playground.

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