Stay sun safe this summer with Playforce and TCL Group

21 June 2017

When the sun comes out there is nothing we like to do more than head outside to play. Blue sky days can be pretty rare in the UK but no matter how tempting it is to run straight out, we know how important it is to stay sun safe. TCL Group have recently launched an educational campaign to help everyone minimise the risk of skin cancer this summer.


The TCL Group campaign coincides with the NHS ‘Cover Up Mate’ drive to reduce incidences of the disease in England. The campaign focuses on all outdoor colleagues across the country, offering a tool box of advice for staying sun safe. We encourage all of our staff to take care when working outside in the sun and all receive Toolbox Talks on how to stay safe in hot and sunny conditions. We feel it’s very important to us to set by example.


For schools, it often helps to make sure that children have a place to play that minimises the amount of time they have to spend in direct sunlight, especially in spaces with very little natural shade. Outdoor shelters are an increasingly popular way to create a shaded space that not only keeps pupils and staff out of the rain, but out of the sun too.


At Hallmoor Special School in Warwickshire, being able to enjoy outdoor learning come rain or shine was top priority. They found it was difficult to encourage the children to head into the playground in extreme weather so they wanted to provide an outdoor space that would appeal whatever the weather. The new shelter has enabled them to take lessons outdoors and provide children with a space to learn without fear of getting hot and bothered.


When Garfield Primary School in London redeveloped their outdoor space, they wanted to increase the connection between the children and the world. By installing a shelter in their playground, they could create an interactive natural environment that can now be used throughout the seasons.


We have a huge variety of shelters that will fit the smallest and the most awkward spaces. Designed to fit with your playground or natural surroundings, they’re the perfect way to keep children out of the sun. They don’t have to be used just at playtimes either. Shelters can be multi-functional, we’ve seen them used as everything from a performance stage to a parent’s waiting area. The possibilities are endless!


Book a consultation with one of our local advisors to find out how you can stay safe when the sun has got his hat on. We’ve got nearly 20 years experience working in school playgrounds of all shapes and sizes and helping children get outside and active, whatever the weather.

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