Spring time means new growth and new products!

21 March 2019


We can’t tell you how excited to see all the daffodils and flowers shooting up… it’s starting to remind us how much we love being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air!


 It might not be time yet for Springwatch but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it now. It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about all of the creatures (creepy crawly, scurrying and flying) that you have in your playground and that your children can learn about, later in the year. In fact, you might want to check out the Springwatch Wild Academy, starting on the BBC in June.  You can even send in your questions by tweeting using #WildAcademy or email them on springwatch@bbc.co.uk.


 To help with this we’ve launched a number of new products:

  • Squirrel feeder - This wooden feeder can be mounted on a tree or post, not only providing food for squirrels but a great way for your children to watch them climb, jump and nibble away!
  • Insect study centre - A smaller version of our popular Mini-Beast Habitat, this is ideal for mounting on a tree, wall or post, so you can see how mini-beasts live. You could even set the children challenges to draw what they can see as well as learning to identify the creepy crawlies!
  • Petal Bird Feeder -  A simple, pretty bird feeder to put in flower beds and pathways. The perfect way to attract wild birds (and probably the odd squirrel too) so your children can watch them feed and learn how to identify different types.

    And don’t forget our range of planters as well as our popular Water World Discovery Pond. The opportunities for discovering the natural world at this time of year are everywhere!

    We’d love to hear your plans for learning outdoors this spring! You can contact us or post your photos on Facebook. We’d particularly love to see some pictures of the animals, birds and insects living in your playground this year!

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