Spring into the new season with our Playground Inspection Packages

20 February 2017

The days are slowly starting to get longer and the first hints of Spring are making an appearance in the snowdrops and daffodils. At Playforce, Springtime means more opportunities to get outside and enjoy active play. With the Easter Holidays on the horizon, it’s time to start making sure that your playground is fighting fit for the new season. 

A typical playground is used by hundreds of children every day, so we always recommend that inspections are carried out on an annual basis. That’s why we’ve created Playforce Care Inspection Packages to help you make sure that your playground health and safety is up-to-date and we can deliver the latest advice in maintaining your play space and caring for the children using it. 

We have a variety of Inspection Packages available to suit different spaces and budgets. We also offer savings to multiple sites that are inspected together in the same region. Our independent, RPII-qualified inspectors will provide maintenance reports for the equipment and surfacing, as well as helping you to remedy any problems along the way.

Option One: Post-Installation Inspection
A Post-Installation Inspection Package is for new playground equipment and includes: full certification of the Post-Installation Inspection; 1x Post-Installation Inspection with full report, delivered by an independent RPII-certified inspector.

Option Two: Annual Inspection
This one year package includes 1x Annual Inspection with a full report and is delivered by an independent RPII-certified inspector.

Option Three: Annual Inspection Package
This complete package includes: 1x Post-Installation Inspection delivered by an independent RPII-certified inspector and 3x Quarterly Operational Inspections delivered by our in-house quality and inspections teams. These operational inspections can also include one-to-one training to allow you to undertake weekly and monthly routine inspections.

At Playforce we are committed to being involved throughout the life of your outdoor space. Your dedicated Customer Account Manager is there to help you arrange inspections and address any questions you might have about your playground health and safety. Being part of the TCL Group means that have a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to outdoor spaces and can co-ordinate from other companies within the group to take the whole process off your desk. 

Get ahead of the game this year and make sure your playground is ready for the spring. Order your inspection package by calling 01225 729660 or contact us here

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