Spectacular Science Day

12 November 2015


At Playforce we love science, maths and everything in between! UNESCO World Science Day was on 10th November this year and we were in the process of creating this sparkly new website, so we couldn’t write about it.  But the fact is it’s a great way to talk with your pupils about how and why science is important in our daily lives.


There’s nothing better than learning while doing - which is the definition of science in itself. How did Newton discover gravity? How did Marie Curie discover two elements? The answer is through lots of wonderful experiments! It’s vital to engage children to perform scientific experiments from a young age. Maths and science is certainly not boring! It can boost self-confidence, hone logic skills and even improve creativity, among other things.


Here at Playforce we have some amazing outdoor playground equipment you and your students can use to do lots of fun scientific and mathematical experiments. After all, science and maths is all around us every day! So here are just a few of our favourite outdoor playground pieces...


1. Large Sand Play Basin with Tabletop/Cover

Children can explore the physical elements of nature with the Large Sand Play Basin! Experiment with dry sand, wet sand, clumpy sand, fine sand. They can even make little sand sculptures - perfect for the budding architect.


2. Sand & Water Mixing Station with Tabletop/Cover:

This station is fantastic for teaching a small class about the elements. The sand and water can be handled separately, with another section if you want to mix it up a little bit!


3. Flow Wall:

Basic physics is a breeze with the Playforce Flow Wall. Pupils can learn the rules of gravity and momentum with this fantastic outdoor play facility.


4. Large Poddely set in two mini storage pods:

Construction is very important in the modern world, and your little ones can learn all about it with the Large Poddely set. Children can discover how buildings are made and use their creativity to construct amazing their own amazing buildings!



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