September’s Top Play and Outdoor Learning Products

17 September 2018


We’re always surprised how September’s ‘back to school’ period has children seeking opportunities to run and jump and climb and reach. We’d think that, after a summer holiday packed full of adventures they’d be all tired out!

But, every September, we start a new term and demand for Active Trails, Climbing Cubes and Boulders and Step Posts goes through the roof. Here are our top ten products for September - as ordered by Playforce customers:

Key Stage 1 - challenging equipment for smaller children

  1. Our Active Trail Low 7 includes Swinging Logs, Linking Rope Walk, Rock & Roll Log, Linking Balance Beam, Hanging Rope Traverse, Linking Crossed Rope Walk and Climbing Wall Traverse… if that doesn’t keep your children occupied this September we don’t know what will!
  2. These Rubber Step Posts (Set of 6) are made from recycled rubber and come in varying heights and colours. Not only do they present children with a challenging path to negotiate but the rubber construction ensures, if misjudged, the posts are forgiving. They can even be used as seating during quieter times.
  3. We love this Geo Climbing Boulder - Medium… and so do you by the looks of it! It incorporates natural hand-holds for climbing as well as places to sit. It even features fossils and textures for art and creativity!
  4. As the trees are starting to turn our Woodland Climber - 1 - is the perfect addition for a more natural play area. Made from pressure treated sanded timber and steel core and braided ropes it’s great for improving physical activity.
  5. And if you’re looking for something a little less adventurous, our popular Observation Bridge is constructed from chunky timber sleepers and provides an excellent addition to a wildlife or conservation area as a place to observe, learn or for friends to meet.

Key Stage 2 - challenging equipment for older children

  1. Our Active Trail Multi Level 7 is one of our most popular active trails. It includes Net Tunnel, Balance Beam, Trapeze Swing, Wave Rope Link, Monkey Walk  Balance Beam and Parallel Bars.
  2. These Up & Over Bars are perfect for all ages - but particularly for older children. Combing finished stainless steel bars with sanded timber, the bars are staggered at three different heights, making them challenging and fun as your children grow.
  3. Our Bouldering Wall is impressive and designed specifically for children over the age of seven. With different climbing faces, as well as opportunities to travel across and over, this will keep your children occupied in challenging active play for hours!
  4. A relatively new product to Playforce our Climbing Cube is not only fantastic for climbing up, over and around… it’s a great way of taking mathematics learning outside as you practice counting, multiplication, measuring angles and more.
  5. Who doesn’t love our Green Pyramid Net?  A 4m high challenging pyramid net this is ideal for explorers looking for adventure! (A 2m version is also available).

To talk to us about these or any of our other products - or to see some examples of how schools have added these products into schemes and their outdoor space - contact us via the website or phone 01225 792660.

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