Our Top Products - Winter Edition

30 November 2017


Winter’s coming! But that doesn’t mean the outdoor plays needs to stop. In fact, it can be used to teach children about other cultures, or get their imaginations going. Find out what our customers have been buying and what playground equipment is currently most sought after…

Arched Play Barn


Our Arched Play Barn can be used in all sorts of ways, especially when dressed up during imaginative play. Why not a Santa's grotto/winter wonderland to celebrate the holidays? 

Role Play Shop



Our fabulous natural timber Role Play Shop includes shelves, window, hooks, chalkboard and mirror. This shop could be dressed differently each week allowing children's imaginations to run wild, or allow children to make their own games by using the space as a house, dressing up area or even a petrol station when combined with our Bubble Wash and Fuel Pump! Why not explore some Christmas shopping role play?

Mud Kitchen

Everybody knows that Christmas is a great time to explore foods that we don’t get to eat the rest of the year. Why not expand children’s understanding of other cultures by cooking winter feasts from different cultures, or making a Christmas dinner? Guaranteed to get mouths watering and imaginations running wild!

Musical Performance Stage



Our Musical Performance Stage is the perfect platform for children to sing Christmas carols this winter, teaching them to work together through music and play. They could even put on a few festive performances for their classmates, teachers and parents!

Surfacing options 

Don’t fear the wet and icy weather this winter – our range of waterproof surfaces are ideal for access in all weathers, meaning children can stay active through play throughout the season. 

Tunnel Train

Peep through the drivers’ windows or take a seat in the cabin, our train also includes a crawl through tunnel. Ideal for helping young children learn balance and agility, it can also become The Polar Express for exciting imaginative play this winter. 

Large Ball Skills Panel and Target Set

Our Large Ball Skills Panel and Target Set comes with a 26 piece foam target set to create your own goals, targets and games in a plastic storage cart with wheels for easy transportation. A great way to help children develop hand-eye coordination and upper body strength. 

Hurdles (Set of 3)

These sanded timber hurdles can be set at any height to provide a great addition to any fitness trail. The flat top surface can also be used for standing or sitting, making it ideal for balancing activities. 

FMS Apparatus (fundamental movement skills)


Children can swing, shuffle, slide & practise static holds along the Parallel Bars and test how high they can jump and reach using the jump panel. Dynamic pull up rings also allow children to swing & develop upper body strength. A great way to warm up in chilly weather!

Thermoplastic Sports Markings

Basketball, Netball, Football and Tennis thermoplastic tarmac markings available. We have a huge range of thermoplastic playground graphics. Contact us to find out more or take a look at our thermoplastic markings brochure for more information!

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