Our Top Products - June

02 July 2018


June was Nature Month, and we certainly saw that in our best-selling products! So, what are the most popular playground equipment products this month? Discover our customers’ favourite products here - we hope it gives you some inspirations for your own outdoor space!

1. Minibeast Habitat




The Minibeast Habitat is perhaps one of the best bug hotels out there for schools. The structure is designed to encourage natural wildlife to set up a permanent home. The habitat also includes an adorable hedgehog house at the base! It usually takes around 12 months for insects and hedgehogs to get settled in the environment, but we hear many stories about how they never want to leave! Use this wonderful habitat to teach children about nature, the environment and all the different animals. 

2. Worm World Discovery




Worms are essential for helping to create nutrient-rich soil - they can also be a great educational tool to teach children about soil types, insects and the food chain. The Worm World Discovery set includes a front viewing panel so the children can see the worms at work, as well as interesting fun facts about worms written around the edges. This set also comes with a voucher for 300 worms and a special worm habitat compost. 

3. Plant World Discovery




This is the plant version of Worm World! Children can watch what really happens behind the scenes (or, should we say, under the soil) when plants are growing. This is a prime way to teach children about roots, photosynthesis and the different types of fruits, vegetables and plants. The front viewing panel features some great facts about plants and the set includes growing compost. 

4. Mini-beast Exploration Table




Ever wanted to see what all the insects are really up to? Now children can with this incredible Mini-beast Exploration Table. Use the three big magnifying lenses on the rotating tables to observe bug samples and leaf cuttings. This table is a good way to introduce children to nature up close!

5. Giant School Composter




Every school needs a giant composter! Not only is compost good for the plants and flowers, it’s a fantastic way to teach children about recycling scraps. After all, you can compost egg shells, root vegetable scraps, grass cuttings and much more. Simply open the two doors at the top, fill it with organic waste and, after a while, the children can use the hatch below to access the nutritious compost. 

6. Weather Station




Even though we’re having a very bright and hot summer so far, the Weather Station has been a hit with schools! It features a wind sock to measure wind direction, a wind direction recording dial, a rain gauge and a built-in chalkboard to record all the information. The Weather Station is a proven favourite with school children as they have the chance for some hands-on learning about geography, meteorology, maths and science! 

7. Vegee Table Starter Kit



The Vegee Table Starter Kit really is one-of-a-kind. Thanks to Plantscape®'s patented watering system it can go for several days without being watered, which makes it the perfect planter set for the school holidays! The kit includes four planters, four 80-litre bags of compost, four packets of assorted seeds and two forks, trowels and gardening gloves. 

8. Fun Grow Seating Planter




Help the children of your school grow plants, fruits and vegetables with our sanded timber seating planter! It’s also available in a square shape and the edges can be used as benches. Our customers also purchased ten 75 litre bags of Multipurpose Compost so they could start growing things straight away. 

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