Our top 10 products for August

14 August 2017

Want to know what are the hottest playground trends this month? Find out what our customers have been buying and what playground equipment is currently most sought after….

1. Exercise Stations




 Focused on promoting physical activity for all ages and abilities, our Playforce design team have been hard at work coming up with some fantastic new exercise stations. These individual pieces of equipment are suited to creating new physical trails as a fitness zone, or to create additional opportunities for physical activity around a pathway, woodland walk or thoroughfare. 

2. Outdoor Gym Equipment from the Great Outdoor Company


Gym equipment suitable for children of all ages and abilities. Develop a range of physical skills with playground equipment designed to make exercise fun.

3. Jungletops Towers


Jungletops’ unique triangular platform design and tilted posts offers a distinctively different look as well as maximising the footprint to reduce install costs. Choose from different entry and exit points, a range of imaginative scenarios, connectors including trail and climbing features.  You can even pick from woodland colours (grey/green) or playtime colours (blue/yellow).

4. Fun Grow Seating Planter



A robust and chunky raised planter bed. Perimeter seating removes the need for additional seating in the garden.  

5. Flow Wall

Our flow wall, designed uniquely by our expert in-house design team, is by far one of our most popular pieces of equipment for encouraging experimentation, discovery and lots of fun in the playground. Children can move the elements around to direct the water to the bottom, ever changing everyday! It’s a favourite with teachers who want to encourage problem solving, teamwork and teach children about gravity.

6. Stepping Stones

An excellent addition to a wildlife or conservation area or creating pathways and journeys around any play space.

7. Perch Benches

In various lengths, with hand-finished, wooden components, these benches provide a great place for meeting, socialising and outdoor learning.

8. Tipis

This Tipi provides an ideal hideout for a small group of children and provides a shaded space to create role play scenarios. The removable cover is  hardwearing & waterproof.

9. Towers

Towers to suit playgrounds of all shapes and sizes. Choose from vibrant colours or natural wood to create the perfect design for your space. 

10. Cork Dominoes.

This 28 piece set of oversized cork dominoes is great for teaching numeracy, or just having some fun, outdoors. As an extra bonus, they're currently in our summer sale (40% off while stocks last!)

Looking for a way to refresh your playground without blowing your budget? Our summer clearance sale is the perfect place to head for amazing equipment at a fraction of the price! Check it out here. 

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