Olympics are coming! Organise an event in your school.

01 June 2016


The Olympic Games are said to date back to as early as 776 BC - now that’s a lot of running, pole vaulting and javelin throwing! 

Every four years the world comes together to compete in all sorts of incredible sports and games. But back then the events were limited to foot races, wrestling, primitive martial arts, the pentathlon and chariot racing. 

We have plenty of ideas at Playforce - here are just a few of them to inspire you to create your own Olympics event at your school:

  • Make an Olympic banner: The games are to be held in Rio this year - so the more colourful your banner is, the better.

  • Use the Olympic banner to cheer on your class in your very own mini Olympic Games event. Some events could include:

  • Teach some basic numeracy skills with the Winter Olympics Results stats worksheet - perfect for teaching different types of data and how to analyse them.

  • Complete the Scene worksheets - draw the gaps in the picture. This helps boost creativity and hand-eye coordination. 

  • Embrace the musical culture of Rio and make up some cool dance moves to traditional Brazilian music. 

We’re so excited for the 2016 Olympics - why not let us know what your school is up to by tweeting us at @PlayforceUK with the hashtag #myschoololympics!


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