No toxic paint (or anything bad for you) at Playforce

27 January 2016


On 25th January the BBC published findings from research, conducted by Plymouth University, that “paint on playground equipment has been found to contain high amounts of the toxin lead - up to 40 times recommended levels”  In the report expert Dr Andrew Turner said the levels were "completely avoidable"… and we entirely agree!


The good news is that, here at Playforce, only one of our over 3000 products even has paint on it. Our Pencil Posts may be bright, cheerful colours but they’re entirely non-toxic and safe for everyone to enjoy.


Head of Design and Strategic Projects Manager, Ben Wyatt, said: “The worrying findings in the BBC report don't apply here at Playforce.  That's because all of our products are fully lead & toxin free. In fact our products are designed to meet and surpass any relevant safety standards as well as being independently inspected by ROSPA to EN1176.


He went on: “As part of the TCL Group we pride ourselves on designing the very best products.  That means using high quality materials and processes, offering inclusive play for a wide range of abilities, maximising play value for the schools and settings we work with and making sure everything we produce is ethologically sound.


“Although we work with lots of inner city schools, we’re particularly committed to promoting natural play and natural resources, where possible. Some of our favourite schemes have been created for Forest Schools and working with Forest Schools Practitioners. A really great example of this was the active scheme we created for Bretherton Endowed CE Primary School .  There wasn’t a lick of paint to be seen in their timber fitness trail!”


For more information about our timber products, or natural play spaces, please contact us on 01225 792660.

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