New year, new resolutions to get sporty

09 January 2019

We’re probably not the only ones that have started 2019 with the intention of working off some of those Christmas indulgences… admit it, how many of you are counting your steps, cutting down the sugar and having a dry January? Good on you… keep up the good work, you’re doing great!


This month we’re focusing on sports and ways you can help to get your children active too - whether that means developing physical literacy or learning about some of the sports they’ll encounter over the next few years.


There are loads of ways you can integrate sports into play and we thought we’d kick off [did you see what we did there?] by reminding you of some of our favourite products and sports play equipment.

Our brand new animal active trail range

First things first, we can’t go any further without reminding you of our brand new active trail range. We’ve been bowled over [those sporting puns just keep on coming] by the wonderful response we’ve had. Using five of nature’s most interesting & special creatures as guides - cheetah, peregrine falcon, kangaroo, monkey and polar bear - we’ve created sports trails that will challenge and inspire your children. Each trail has been specially designed to mimic the animals’ actions, and to test children through a range of physical activities, as helping them to learn about the animals in question. Find out more about our animal active trail range by clicking here.

Another new active play and learning range launched, from Playnetic

As part of our 20th year celebrations, we partnered up with Playnetic Interactive Play. Playnetic is the perfect partner… in their own words they “develop fun, interactive, outdoor play equipment, to get children exercising again”. Sounds just like us! That’s why we’ve partnered with them to launch the range here in the UK, focusing on active, ICT-related play and learning. Find out more about the Playnetic play equipment range by clicking here.

Active trails are the best

Back in November we shared lots of ideas for taking the curriculum outdoors using products from our Active Trail range. And we also shared lots of suggestions for how other schools have integrated sports and active play into their outdoor space. Take a look at these ways our consultant thought creatively about putting active challenges into a play space… as well as these three options at another primary school, ranging from a complete active trail through to modular options and gym equipment.  We wanted to show how our consultants think creatively. It might just look like an active trail but to us it’s a wealth of opportunities for developing skills, getting active, working together and having lots of fun… Here’s a section from a recent primary school proposal.

And don’t forget our range of MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas)

As you’ll have seen, many of our case studies and examples, above, include one of our Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs)… not only are these a great tool for integrating sport into primary curriculum, and preparing children for ‘big school’ but they can be great for making your outdoor space work for the whole community - as shown by this case study from New Moston Primary School, in Manchester.


Are you looking for new ways to promote exercise and activity for children? Get in touch to find about more about the range of play and sports equipment available from Playforce. We'd love to hear from you.

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