National Poetry Day and Outdoor Play!

22 October 2015


National Poetry Day was 21 yesterday! Did you get involved? The annual celebration of all things poetical is a fabulous chance to teach children all about the importance of expressing themselves through creative writing. At Playforce we love to wax lyrical (and poetical) about learning through play, that’s why we only offer the best playground equipment for your school. How can outdoor play help you embrace poetry outside?


Outdoor play following National Poetry Day
Outdoor play following on from National Poetry Day can act as a key way to excite pupils about the significance of written and spoken word. We’re all poets, yet some of us don’t know it, but at Playforce we’re here to help your pupils unlock their inner William Blake. Outside play inspired children to come up with their own poetry – especially if your school has the Post-Mounted Creative Drawing Trail. It features a chalk board, whiteboard and a magnetic board – absolutely wonderful for creating poetry!


Put on a performance
Poetry wouldn’t be poetry without the opportunity to perform. Help the children unleash their inner wordsmith. Our Performance Stage and matching Amphitheatre Seating is great for encouraging children to put on a performance poetry show. Not only does this unleash creativity, it can improve confidence in children of all ages.


Story Corner
Poetry doesn’t have to stop at rhyming verse. In fact, poetry is another form of storytelling. The Playforce Storyteller Chair is an amazing way to combine outdoor play with education. This throne-like chair will make the pupils feel like the king or queen of beats and rhymes! Encourage your pupils to bring their favourite poems to school and hold a poetry storytelling session outside. There’s nothing like fresh air and a great poem!


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