Meet Danielle Simmonds, our new Leisure Settings Expert

23 January 2017

We’re very pleased to introduce Danielle Simmonds, our new Leisure Settings Expert, to the Playforce team. Danielle is joining us as a Key Accounts Consultant, working within both the Leisure and Education Sectors.


We talked to her about her new role at Playforce and how she plans to help bring play to the UK leisure industry.


 As your new role as Key Accounts Consultant, what kind of projects will you be working on?

I will predominately be working on key account projects nationally within the leisure sector.


Why did you want to work for Playforce?              
The thought of being a part of the continued expansion of the business excited me.  Playforce is such a key player in the industry and I believe I can help them branch out further in to the Leisure sector.  I like the fact that we are part of a bigger group of companies (TCL Group) which all work side by side to offer a full ‘one stop’ package to our customers. 


What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
I am looking forward to working with my team, who are a fantastic bunch of people and having the proud moment of taking my children to play areas which I have been a part of the full consultation design and installation process.


How do you plan to help bring play to leisure settings?
The UK leisure industry is on the up and the goal for our customers is to become the first choice destination for visitors and giving them an exciting unique experience that they want to shout about. Return on investment, quality, durability and the ‘wow’ factor are all important to consider and I will ensure that my service reflects these essential elements. 


What are the most important things to consider in an outdoor leisure setting play space?

 When we design a play area within a leisure setting the most important things to consider are:

  •  Is it eye catching?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is it anti tamper/vandal proof?
  • Will this keep the families entertained long enough to ensure they stay at the establishment longer?
  • Is it affordable?
  • How long will it take to see a return on investment?
  • Will people recommend this play area to others and return?

 When you design a space where all of the above answers are ‘YES’ you are on to a winner


As a child (and/or adult!) what were your favourite ways to play?

As a child I enjoyed challenging equipment, I was a gymnast so my favourite items were probably the monkey bars and I also loved swinging around high bars. 

As an adult I love height, I still love climbing and love a fast slide. My youngest daughter enjoys going to playgrounds with me because we both challenge each other and she knows that it won’t be long before I am joining in. 


We look forward to working with Danielle on the new, exciting leisure industry projects we have on the horizon. 

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