Lots of options for redeveloping active space

19 November 2018


At Playforce we understand the importance of presenting options, when redeveloping outdoor space. At this school they had an existing active area that was getting rather tired and dated. They wanted some options for including active trails as well as retaining the social element that they already had. Our consultant presented three options here, ranging from a complete active trail through to modular options and gym equipment.

It was great to see the children during their lunch break and see what you already have in ways of physical equipment. You currently have a good space and your vision to develop your space will only improve on what you already have.

I wanted to show you what we could provide in ways of physical activity equipment, and how to challenge your children:

Option 1 has the fantastic Active Climber 5 which forms a pentagon shape. This means children can access the equipment wherever they feel confident enough to do so. For your more confident children who relish a challenge, the Monkey Walk will be the pinnacle test if they want to get the whole way around without touching the ground. The Spinning Discs will help develop children’s core strength and balance whilst keeping them low to the ground. The popular Up and Over Bars help children gain grip and upper body strength whilst building on their confidence when rolling over the top which is always great fun! The three different heights will accommodate for all. As you mentioned the existing space included a social part of the playground, I thought it would be a shame to lose this, so I have included a Tipi with Toadstools around. This area will be zoned by a different colour surface to show a clear boundary; creating a magical little corner of your playground.

Option 2 has the WOW factor with the Tangle Tree Climber. This social piece of equipment can hold up to 20 children and more helping them develop physically, and socially as they communicate to each other on how to navigate the tricky ropes. My suggestions for gym apparatus are great for encouraging children to train different parts of their body. It includes parallel bars, a pull up bar, a trapeze swing and high jump. Children will thoroughly enjoy training here, recording their activity, and then seeing if they can beat it the next day. Can they be the strongest in the school? How long can they hang? The Spring Discs are great fun for jumping and balancing, strengthening the legs and core. And when the children have (almost) tired themselves out, they can take a break on the Star Seats and talk about their achievements.

Option 3 has a bespoke, modular trail challenge to complete. Can the children beat their friends time? First travel along the Dual Sloping Balance Beams, then try your grip strength as you traverse along the Climbing Wall. Weave and dodge your way through the Balance Weaver then hop from Rubber Step Post to Step Post. Scramble over the Net Climber and Climbing Wall before testing yourself along the Rock and Roll Log. Don’t fall in the lava!!

You can find out more about our active trails and modular sections here, or talk to one of our consultants today.

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