Learning about nature outside

19 June 2018


We’re having a great time getting outside and learning about nature through play and exploration. And we’re particularly excited about finding ways to take classroom learning outdoors. Some of the suggestions we’ve come up with include:

  • English: read or write poems and stories about bugs
  • Maths: count the types of bugs or the legs on different types of bug that you find on your bug hunt
  • Science: explore different minibeast habitats or find out about the lifecycle of different insects
  • Geography: find out where in the world different kinds of insects live
  • Art: draw or paint insects or create collages or models from recycled materials
  • PE: move like minibeasts or use small groups or even the whole class to create the shape and movements of a giant insect
  • Music: learn a song or rap about insects


The best part is that there are all sorts of resources available for teachers, online, to help with this. Here are some of our favourites:


  • Finally… OPAL (Open Air Laboratories) surveys are a fantastic way to take teaching outdoors, learn new skills and contribute to real scientific research. Not only could your children get involved with these but OPAL has a wide range of resources for you to learn in your own outdoor space… everything from counting bugs through to learning about soil types.

We’d love to hear about your ideas for learning about nature outside. You can send us your photos or post them on our Facebook page

And don’t forget. Active play and climbing can also involve bugs with our new range of buggy scramblers… Take a look at our Scramble Bug, Grasshopper and Spider Nest.  

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